What Is “Link In Bio” And What Are The Benefits Of Using A “Link In Bio” Tool?

For some businesses, having a link to a separate landing page can be more beneficial than linking your website’s home page or landing pages on your social media profile.

The issue is that your Instagram bio, TikTok bio, Twitter bio etc. can only display one bio link. Many companies choose to have that link take the user to their website. You might, however, have more than one thing to advertise. For instance, an artist could wish to promote their new album, tour dates, merchandise, other social media accounts, etc. A digital marketer may want to promote their courses, affiliate links, a specific blog post, Youtube tutorials and more.

People clicking on your social media profile links are usually also looking for a quick solution or product. If you have a landing page that has multiple links to the all relevant pages, the user will be more likely to click on them and find what they want, rather than scanning through your website’s pages and possibly confusing website structure. Whether you have a website or not, or if your website is not great, a link in bio tool can be your best friend.

How to Use “Link In Bio” for Marketing Your Online Business

Thanks to the handy ‘Link in Bio’ tool, you are no longer restricted to just one link in your profile. Online companies can place as many or as few social media links as they want, depending on their current marketing goals. You can display unlimited links to your social media followers on a single web page using a ‘Link in Bio’ page.’

This page allows you to link to additional materials and web pages, driving relevant visitors to particular social media postings, websites, and other locations. The specific purpose of link in bio tools are to enhance engagement, encourage positive response calls to action, and increase conversions.

If you pay attention to other brands and figures on social media, specifically on Instagram, you can see that many choose to have a custom Instagram bio link, as well as their Instagram posts and Instagram feed, as part of a wider social media strategy. This is why a Link In Bio tool is so important.

How Businesses Are Using “Link In Bio”

Here are a few examples of how today’s businesses use ‘Link In Bio’ tools for their TikTok or Instagram account:

  • To direct people to a podcast or a video.
  • To promote a discount, offer, or a sale exhibition. For instance, beauty brands can promote seasonal makeup products or other promotions by encouraging their followers to click on the link in bio. In return, these brands can offer special discount codes to those followers or consumers.
  • Push direct followers to a lead magnet or a landing page a business is promoting in their email newsletter.
  • Provide in-depth information about their brands and services. They can also promote what they offer on their website’s ‘about’ page.
  • Promote a giveaway or a competition they are hosting.

Best “Link In Bio” Tools

Some of the most influential and popular ‘Link In Bio’ tools include:

These tools all have varying price points although most are free to use in their free version with limited features and design options but they are enough to get you started with a custom landing page and best of all, it’s easy to create custom themes. If you choose to pay more, you can also have the option for a custom URL too.

Tips for Implementing “Link In Bio” into your Business Profile

Here are some tips to help you make the most of using a bio link tool for your business:

  • Consistency is key. All your links should open in the same window, with the same font, colours, and overall design and branding. This will reduce confusion for users and create a more seamless experience.
  • Use strong calls to action. The whole point of using a ‘Link in Bio’ tool is to encourage your followers to take action, so make sure your calls to action are clear, concise, and effective.
  • Update your links regularly. Depending on your business goals, you’ll want to update your links regularly to ensure they’re always relevant and interesting to your followers.
  • Choose a tool that’s right for you. Not all ‘Link in Bio’ tools are created equal, so do your research and choose the one that best meets your needs.
  • Don’t bombard your users with too many links. A ‘Link in Bio’ page can quickly become overwhelming if you try to cram too many links onto it and the temptation to take it too far can be tempting once you are free to post more than one link. Stay focused and stick to a few key links and rotate them out regularly to keep things fresh.
  • If you are looking for inspiration, don’t be afraid to explore other accounts’ Instagram link in bio and see what’s working for them.

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