Low-Budget Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business In 2022 Using PICNIC

Today we will be going through our PICNIC model with examples of some low-budget digital marketing ideas you can implement for your own business.

PICNIC is an extremely effective marketing model that we built ourselves from our years of marketing experience, both at PICNIC Accelerator and at our digital marketing company, Gastronomic Agency.

This method was so successful that it was picked up by American Express who wants to start teaching it to their merchants as well as quadrupling our client’s revenue in just a few months, and tripling their organic reach. Want to try it out? Let’s get started!

What does PICNIC mean?

PICNIC stands for Prospect, Interest, Converse, Nurture, Incentivize, & Convert. We use this model every day to create cutting-edge and long-lasting marketing strategies.

Here are some low-budget marketing ideas for your small business marketing strategy using the PICNIC model.

PROSPECT: Cast the Net

This is the initial stage of casting a wide net over potential audiences. While it may not be your target audience initially, attracting as many people as possible is essential to creating brand awareness.

Here are some ways to get started:

·      Set up your Google My Business Profile

Previously known as Google My Business, Google Business Profile is one of the best tools for local businesses to capture local leads. Businesses that do not set up their Google My Business Profile miss out on getting featured in the search engine’s Local Finder or Local Pack. Read here for more information on getting started.

·      Interact with local Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are a great small business idea to gain traction through interacting with potential customers in your area. By commenting, sharing, and liking relevant content, you can organically increase your presence without being too sales-y.

·      Interact with Facebook Groups that are Within your Niche

Don’t forget to interact with Facebook Groups within your niche to establish your page’s credibility and authority. Your page will extend its reach, and users from other groups will start connecting to your page, especially if you are in the same niche.

·      Use Hashtags on Social Media to Find your Niche

Don’t underestimate the power of hashtags to find local and global audiences. Hashtags are one of the best ways to push your marketing strategies without spending a fortune.

·      Use Trending Audio & Trending Hashtags on Your Social Media Content

using popular audio and trending hashtags will make your social media posts relevant, and push SEO on that social media platform. This will make your posts easier to discover.

·      Start Posting on Pinterest

Digital marketing does not just include Facebook and paid ads. Never underestimate the importance of Pinterest to gain a large audience. Whether you are promoting your own business or running an affiliate marketing business, Pinterest offers lucrative opportunities.

Interest: Peak Their Interest

This is all about creating content that will spark interest in your target audience and make them want to know more about your business idea or brand. It’s essential to remember what you want your end goal to be – increasing sales, web traffic, or engagement.

Here are some ideas for successful content marketing:

·       Hold a contest or giveaway on social media

·       Post interesting and engaging images / videos about your business on your social media accounts

·       Host webinars and live streams about your small business ideas or products

Converse: Have A Chat

This stage is all about engaging with your target audience. Building relationships with potential customers at this stage is crucial so they can trust your brand.

Here are some ideas that work best for promoting your brand:

·       Create a LinkedIn Profile & start networking

·       Set up email marketing and collect email addresses

·       Interact with customers on social media platforms daily

·       Collect customer information and feedback by setting up surveys

·       Reply to comments and messages on your brand’s social media

·       Reply to reviews, shared UGC (user-generated content) of your brand etc.

Nurture: Build Some Rapport

At this stage, nurturing your relationships with potential customers is important. You can do this by providing valuable content. Here are some ideas:

·       Encourage user-generated content (customer reviews or feedback) and share them on your social media

·       Start a blog and write about topics related to your industry

·       Send out email newsletters frequently to keep in touch on the latest updates, restock, deals etc.

·       Sponsor or attend a charity event

Incentivise: Make an Offer

This stage is about offering something your potential customers will find valuable. This could be in the form of a discount, free shipping, or a freebie. Here are some ideas:

·       Create a loyalty program for your existing customers

·       Run a sale or promotion

·       Offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount

Convert: Sell & Sell Again

The final stage is converting your prospects into customers and then selling to them again. It’s important to create a seamless process so they can easily purchase from you.

·       Provide discount codes in exchange for reviews

·       Create a loyalty program for your customers

·       Create a refer-a-friend scheme

·       Keep customers in the loop using email newsletters.


We hope you can use these best small business ideas to create a successful digital marketing strategy on a budget. Our PICNIC model was designed to keep your brand front of mind and turn potential customers into loyal ones. Once set up, this model will keep working for you so you can focus on running your successful business.

Now it’s your turn! Follow the PICNIC model today and finish it off by offering incentives at the Convert stage to seal the deal!

If you need help with any stage of digital marketing, our team at Gastronomic Agency are here to do it for you. Alternatively, if you wish to train yourself or your team in digital marketing, sign up for our PICNIC Accelerator online course!

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