#AskPICNIC: What Are Our Favourite Digital Marketing Tools and Recommendations 2022?

The job of a marketing professional is demanding and random ad-hoc tasks can add up quickly. So, how do we combat these tasks and what tools do we use to get them done quickly? Here are our company’s favourite digital marketing tools to use in 2022.

At PICNIC Accelerator, We Use These Tools To Get Work Done.


This website allows you to easily convert files (JPEGS, PNGS, PDF, WebP, and more) into different formats, compress videos, remove watermarks, download media from social platforms and more. It’s everything all in one place, so it’s a great tool that we bookmark on our browser for quick and easy access. And best of all, it’s free to use so even start-ups and newbies can access this. No need to enter yourself into a contract off the bat.


One of the best digital marketing tools we recommend. With Jasper AI, you get accurately written, 100% unique content that doesn’t raise plagiarism issues. It comes with a spell checker/grammar checker, and plagiarism checker, and is integrated with Surfer SEO tools. Not to mention the plethora of templates you can use, including templates for Facebook ads, social posts, product descriptions, blog posts and more.

The software is constantly updated, so if you’re looking to speed things up in the department of copywriting, Jasper is definitely worth the investment, even if you already have a copywriting team as Jasper.Ai can help get work done more efficiently.


Copy.AI is a more economical choice for writing AI copy, especially for beginners. Enjoy the choice of templates you can use to create engaging online marketing content like product descriptions, social media posts, blogs, articles, and more. You can get a 7-day free trial to get the hang of Copy.AI before committing anything.


One of the most popular choices for email marketing tools. We use Klaviyo email marketing frequently with platforms like Shopify to help business owners create marketing networks. You can also run SMS campaigns using Klaviyo and benefit from automation features to customise your messages. And marketing automation is the key to efficiency, so apps like Klaviyo are our absolute favourites.


When it comes to SEO, website loading speed is crucial to how your website performs. To get our websites running at full speed, we have to reduce the file sizes of images. We do this by converting images from JPEGs and PNGs to WebP files to reduce their size. This website allows you to easily do all it in just a few clicks, for free too!


The online graphic design platform is ideal for people looking for free digital marketing tools. If you lack design experience or don’t have a graphic design team to meet your demands, Canva is the perfect solution. It’s super user-friendly and free to use with many templates on hand to speed up the process of churning out eye-catching content for social media marketing. But we recommend upgrading to Canva Pro, just because of how much we use Canva on the daily. You’ll be able to collaborate on files together in real-time, add comments and more.


On a budget and need royalty-free, copyright-free stock images and videos to use? Pexels offers millions of images and videos that you can use for free. Although the content can be generic and limited sometimes, especially if it’s too niche of a subject, it’s a great choice for people just starting out producing content for blogs or social posts if they don’t have the budget to pay for professional content just yet.


One of the best social media marketing tools for social media management. We use Radaar to schedule our social posts for social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. It’s super user-friendly and easy to use, and the price plan starts from just $10 per month. You can use their social media planning calendar to see what’s already scheduled to be posted, instead of having to set a reminder for each individual post.

Google Keyword Planner

For SEO (search engine optimisation), we conduct intense keyword research for clients, to help them rank higher on SERPs. We use the Google Keyword Planner to find relevant keywords, especially those with a low competition that we can target for our client’s websites. The best part is that it’s free to use, but you will need a Google Ads account to access the tool.

Google Trends

Google Trends is another free Google tool that we use to research the popularity of keywords and topics. It helps understand what people are searching for and how this changes over time.

Surfer SEO

One of the best online marketing tools for SEO keyword research and content optimisation, as well as in-depth analysis of any website’s SEO. It’s the hub of our SEO strategy. We usually use this with Jasper.Ai to get the best and most efficient results.

Answer The Public

This website gathers all the search queries and questions that people are asking about a specific keyword. We use this for blogs, content and social posts to ensure that we’re creating content around topics that people are actually interested in.

Google Drive

An essential digital marketing tool. Google Drive is where we put all our hard work together. We store our personal folders here, as well as client folders where they can easily access the work we do for them. It’s that simple!

Google Analytics

Great digital marketing analytics tools are used to measure website visitors and engagement metrics. It’s important to understand how your website is performing and where your visitors are coming from. Google Analytics is free to use, but you will need to set it up on your website first.


This is what we use for productivity and project management.  We have our client to-do lists here, and more. This is a great tool for small businesses and teams who want to increase their productivity and organisation, especially if you are thinking of needing organisation as your team expands.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the powerful digital marketing tools that we use here at PICNIC Accelerator as professional digital marketers. We hope you found this list helpful and that you can start using some of these great tools to improve your digital marketing strategy too! The idea is to streamline and automate as much as you can so you can focus on the parts of your company and marketing that really matter.

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